Continuous Care for Health

  • Enable healthcare providers to stay connected with their patients
  • Help patients to collaborate in their own healthcare
  • Put patient health data at the centre of chronic care

We built a digital health platform to connect doctors and their patients

Our ContinuousCare for Health platform supports the Virtual Practice app for healthcare providers. This a web and mobile app that doctors, clinics and hospitals can use for patient engagement and monitoring, telemedicine consultations and practice management.

Patients can use the patient portal of their healthcare providers Virtual Practice and also use the free ContinuousCare app, to stay connected to their doctors.

Patients and Healthcare Providers Need This Because...

  • Healthcare providers need to be more accessible to their patients but in a manageable way that does not disrupt their hospital hours or personal time.
  • Variations in health conditions go unnoticed in between hospital visits – Staying on track with one’s medication and changes to diet and routine isn’t easy.
  • Patients have healthcare needs that extend way beyond a visit to the clinic or hospital.
  • Required healthcare expertise is not always locally available
  • Also the increasing numbers of patients with chronic conditions require doctors to establish efficient, convenient and responsive ways of supporting chronic patients.

Technology Can Help but patients need real healthcare providers

While patients are increasing using health sensors, connecting with their doctors and other patients on social media and searching for information online, it is very important to understand that

1. Its difficult and risky to interpret one’s own health data without a real healthcare provider

2. It takes a proper understanding of a patient’s personalized needs to diagnose and treat an illness

3. Social networks and messaging apps are not the right places to be discussing health issues

And this is why the best way to meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers is enable them to securely connect and engage with each other, with proper access to health data.

People on a Mission

The ContinuousCare platform has been built by a dedicated team at -NeedStreet- committed to changing the way healthcare is delivered and accessed. We have lovingly built this product over the last 3 years and are working hard every day to make it better and more useful to its users.