A complete, up-to-date and accurate account of your patient’s medical history is extremely important, especially during emergencies. With the growing usage of consumer health devices, patients are increasingly recording every aspect of their health or illness conditions continuously, at home or in their workplace.

Our ContinuousCare PHR for patients ensures that this health data can now be available to you, to help make better health decisions for your patients.


Build Your Own Patient Database

It takes less than a minute to add a new patient to your Virtual Practice. Patients can also register themselves by filling in a simple registration form. You can access and update the PHR of all patients who are registered in your Virtual Practice. You can choose and create Patient Categories and assign patients to relevant categories for easy viewing and access.


Access Patient Data Anywhere, Anytime

The patient PHR provides unlimited online storage for your patients’ health data. With the Virtual Practice mobile app, all this information is securely accessible to you from anywhere, at any time you need it. This means that you can reference this information during clinic consultations and also during online video consultations held through your Virtual Practice. It also helps to provide more helpful responses, when patients send in questions to your Virtual Practice.


Helps Patients Collaborate in Their Health Care

The patient PHR is a secure way for patients to access and share their health data with you. They can also upload medical reports into their PHR, which you can review. They can also update details of other medications that they may have been prescribed, which you may need to know about or update health readings taken at home so that you can view during a next consultation. Encouraging your patients to update the PHR when they need to share data, means you no longer have to worry about receiving files through social media and email.

Other features of the Virtual Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

Patient-managed health information available through PHR provides you with a comprehensive health and medical history of the patient to make informed decisions on their care. Unlike hospital managed data, this information is made available to you by your patients and is therefore accessible to you any time you need it.

Yes, your patients must be registered on your Virtual Practice. You can also add patients using their phone number or email and they will be automatically registered with you. You can then view all their PHR information.

No, the PHR system allows individuals to upload unlimited number of reports, images and scans, at no additional cost.

Yes, the Virtual Practice for Doctors app allows you to add patient reports or view their PHR.