Studies show that only fifty percent of patients who leave the doctor’s office with a prescription take the medicines as prescribed. Quite commonly seen in the elderly, this is mainly due to patients forgetting doctor’s instructions or misplacing prescriptions.

Ensure better adherence to treatment and medication with ePrescriptions, available on the Virtual Practice.


Generate prescriptions on the Virtual Practice

Useful for online or in-clinic consultations, prescriptions on the Virtual Practice ensure your patients follow the correct treatment. Add medication, dosage details, specific instructions about the treatment to generate a prescription.
Coming soon on the Virtual Practice mobile app.


Prescriptions are emailed to patients

What happens in a patient misplaces their prescription, or forgets specific instructions? Prescriptions generated in the Virtual Practice are emailed to patients after the consultation. This way, patients can always follow the right course of treatment.


Custom print templates for prescriptions

On the Virtual Practice Specialist plan, you can generate and print prescriptions on custom templates with your clinic’s logo, address and contact details, making it your own.

Other features of the Virtual Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can generate prescriptions for patients during in-clinic consultations. Add these patients to your Virtual Practice using their email ID and you will be able to email a copy of the prescription to them as well.

Yes, as your Virtual Practice will have a log of all your patients’ prescriptions, you can make changes or add new medication to an existing patient prescription and the new prescription it will be emailed to the patient.

Currently, prescriptions cannot be generated on the mobile app. However, new medications can be added and dosage instructions can be provided using the Virtual Practice app. Patients will be notified of any new changes by email.

Prescriptions can be generated by subscribers on all Virtual Practice plans. These prescription will be emailed to their patients. However, custom print templates are only available on the Specialist plan. Learn more about the Virtual Pratice plans.