Practising at a new location? Or, going away on holiday? Inform your patients about any new updates, changes to your schedule or additions to your Virtual Practice via email or SMS notifications, from your Virtual Practice. A convenient way to keep your patients informed.


Categorizing patients into specific groups

Group patients registered with your Virtual Practice in categories based on similarities in their treatment plans, health conditions or based on their location. This allows you to selectively communicate with each group through customized messages, specific to them.


Broadcast patient notifications

Send customized SMS or email notifications to patients to let them know about any new changes to your practice. A convenient way to keep patients informed, eliminating the need for bulk notifications from your personal email or phone number.


Easy and cost-effective

Notify patient groups about a new blog article that may be relevant to them, inform patients of any updates you may have made to your Virtual Practice, be it, a new practice location, change in consultation timings or any new images or videos. It’s absolutely free!

Other features of the Virtual Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

No, alerts and reminders about appointments requests and scheduled appointments will be automatically sent to you and your patients via email and SMS.

No, you can send notifications to all of your patients, should you so choose. Categorizing patients will help you send specific notifications, relevant to them.

The SMS notifications are subject to limits, based on your Virtual Practice plan. The option to extend limits as needed is coming soon. However, an unlimited number of email notifications can be sent to your registered patients.

No, you will need to add them as a registered patient using their email, phone number or both. Once registered, you will be able to send them notifications through your Virtual Practice.