Like most doctors, you are probably already monitoring your patients with the help of sms or phone calls. However this often disturbs your personal time and doesn’t help you to compile that data. Your Virtual Practice provides you with a secure and convenient solution.


Set up Monitoring Plan

Setting up a monitoring is easy and can be done in a minute. All you have to do, is select the health trackers that you need the patient to use. There are trackers for various vitals signs, tests, behaviour etc, to choose from.

  • Frequency of updating the health tracker
  • How often you will review updates from the patient
  • Charges you may want to set for the monitoring service

Assign Patient to Plan

Assign patient to follow plan. Personalised thresholds can be set if needed for some parameters. (If your monitoring plans are published in the patient portal of your Virtual Practice, patients can also choose to join a plan relevant to their needs).
In the case of paid monitoring plans, your patients can pay you online.


Review Health Tracker Updates from Patients

You will receive alerts and can see when patients make updates in accordance with the monitoring plan they are on. You can review readings and if necessary send feedback, which patients can view in the Continuous Care app for patients or in the patient portal of your Virtual Practice.

Long Term Monitoring

Over time you will be able to observe variations in your patients' health condition and probably arrive at useful conclusions about their treatment and health regimen.

Personalised Thresholds

Patients need treatment personalised to their individual needs. You can set personalised threshold ranges for your trackers, resulting in special alerts being raised to both the patient and yourself, if patient readings are not in control.

Remote Monitoring alerts

Frequently Asked Questions

Patients are changing and increasing adopting technologies that help them to monitor their own health and compile health data. They are going to be sharing this with doctors online to clarify doubts and/or get relevant medical feedback. As a doctor with a Virtual Practice, you are well equipped to help your patients by supporting Remote Health Monitoring for patients who need your support. It not only helps to keep your patients on track with their treatment regimen but also enables you to observe changes in their health condition that you might otherwise miss.

A monitoring plan is simply a collection of health trackers and instructions that your patients need to follow, so that you can successfully monitor their health condition even when they are at home or on the go. There are two types of monitoring plans supported in the Virtual Practice – Custom Monitoring plans and General Monitoring plans.

Custom Monitoring plans are created for a specific patient and can be tailored to whatever combination of health conditions the patient has. General Monitoring plans are plans you create for any group of patients with similar health conditions. Patients can choose to subscribe to General Monitoring plans based on your recommendation. Custom Monitoring plans are suitable for patients with more than health condition or multiple comorbidities.

You have complete control over what you want to charge patients, for remote monitoring services. It can be free or you can choose to specify any consultation fee of your choice, depending on the services involved. Payments made online by patients will be processed through the Virtual Practice and transferred to your bank account.