An effective way for long-term management of stable COPD and lung conditions is now available to your patients. Set up customized Remote Monitoring plans for patients with obstructive lung diseases and assure them of continuous care. It’s easy to set up, allows you to continuously monitor your patients and saves you time. The perfect solution for your busy schedule.

  • Ensure better healthcare outcomes
  • Continuous care on your terms
  • Monitoring on the mobile

Ensure better healthcare outcomes

Choose from a list of pulmonology health trackers like respiratory rates, oxygen levels, peak expiratory flow, pulse and other vital parameters, to define customized plans for patients with different pulmonary conditions. Add patients to your monitoring plans or prescribe a plan to monitor their health remotely.

Continuous care on your terms

Remote Monitoring plans allow you to define how often your patients need to report their health readings, when they will be reviewed by you and the duration of the monitoring plan. Specify care plans around your schedule, ensuring continuous remote monitoring for your patients while leaving you enough time to meet with new patients who require your attention.

Monitoring on the mobile

You remote monitoring plans will also be available to your patients on their mobile. With the ContinuousCare app, your patients can continue to track their health and get it reviewed by you, whether they are at home, at work or even on vacation.
The app also allows your patients to consult with you by asking health-related questions.

Monitor patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Patient education on obstructive lung disease

In addition to Remote Monitoring, your patients can greatly benefit from your expertise. Write helpful health articles for patients on the health blog of your Virtual Practice and provide them with correct information about pulmonary diseases and their management.