Prescribe a Remote Monitoring plan to your patients to ensure better healthcare outcomes.

  • Complete Cancer Care
  • Monitor early signs of recurrence or metastasis
  • ContinuousCare for life after cancer
continuous care for cancer

Complete Cancer Care

Monitor your patients’ health periodically with personalised Remote Monitoring. With over fifty trackers, monitor health parameters and symptoms. Patients or their caregivers can report on lab results for blood tests, tumour markers and other vital health readings pertaining to their health.

Monitor early signs of recurrence or metastasis

Remote monitoring helps you track your patients’ health continuously, helping you detect changes in their condition, identify symptoms and control complications. Patients can also maintain a health journal, providing you with a better understanding of their health during or after cancer treatment.

ContinuousCare for life after cancer

You can also define plans for patients in remission, making it easier for them to followup with you regularly while allowing you to monitor their progress.

Define a plan for your patients, based on your schedule. The ContinuousCare mobile app allows patients on Remote Monitoring plans to log their readings and stay committed to their recovery, wherever they may be.

Provide the right information about cancer

Prevent dangerous misinformation and myths about cancer. You can educate your patients about all there is to know about the disease- types, symptoms, examinations and tests for diagnosis and treatments. Ensure they receive the right information online, from their doctor, by writing helpful articles on your Virtual Practice health blog.

online health information on cancer