Patients with cardiovascular diseases, like hypertensive heart disease, coronary heart disease, heart failure and those who have undergone heart surgery, need to monitor their health continuously. This would mean frequent visits to the hospital, an added strain on their heart.

With Remote Health Monitoring plans for cardiovascular diseases, doctors can remotely monitor their patients, ensuring that their health parameters are kept in check. A convenient, time-saving way for cardiologists to provide continuous care.

Continuous cardiology monitoring, on your terms

Define suitable care plans for patients with heart conditions, be it for hypertension, congenital heart conditions or even post-surgical monitoring plans to track your patient’s recovery. Create custom monitoring plans with a combination of health trackers specifically developed for cardiac care, which includes blood pressure, INR, pulse, cholesterol, weight and pain.

Provide continuous care while saving time

Continuous care often means having to dedicate all your time to patients who need to be monitored. But with Remote Monitoring plans, your patients receive round-the-clock care, without affecting your schedule. Set expectations with patients by specifying how often they need to report on their health parameters and when they will be reviewed by you. This helps you ensure better healthcare outcomes while letting you can make time for new patients who need your attention.

Continuous Care on the mobile

Irrespective of where they may be located, your patients can continue to their health trackers as per their Remote Monitoring plan on their mobile, with the ContinuousCare mobile app. For any immediate concerns, your patients can also consult with you on the mobile app.

Educate your patients about cardiovascular disease

Post articles on cardiovascular diseases, their symptoms, treatments and procedures and provide your patients with helpful health information. Write and publish articles on your Virtual Practice health blog, educating patients with the right information to help them manage their health and stay heart healthy.

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