A convenient way to periodically follow-up with patients and help them manage their Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). Provide regular feedback and review patients’ symptoms and health parameters to ensure their health is monitored, even between clinic visits. Set up a customized Remote Monitoring plan and add your patients today. Available on the Virtual Practice.

  • Continuous monitoring while saving time
  • Customize monitoring plans
  • ContinuousCare on the mobile

Continuous monitoring while saving time

Monitoring patients with RA continuously does not have to be time-consuming. With Remote Monitoring, you have the option to choose monitoring frequency, review frequency, duration of monitoring and subscription charges. Provide your patients with the best care without affecting your busy schedule.

Customize monitoring plans

Set up customized monitoring plans for patients with rheumatoid arthritis, to review their symptoms (Pain and Joint stiffness) and report vital parameters (Blood pressure), blood count (CBC, ESR) and mobility (Exercise). Monitoring plans also provide the flexibility to alter prescriptions and revise physiotherapy plans based on your patient’s health. You can also remotely monitor the post-op care for patients who have undergone surgery for RA.

ContinuousCare on the mobile

Frequent trips to the clinic can be a challenge for patients with RA. With Remote Monitoring plans, they can receive personalized care at home. As an added advantage, your patients can also use the ContinuousCare health app to access your Remote Monitoring plan, wherever they may be.

Tell your patients about Rheumatoid Arthritis

Early signs, treatment options and effective management of RA- educate your patients about all there is to know about rheumatoid arthritis and other orthopaedic conditions. Write helpful articles on the Virtual Practice health blog and provide your patients with useful health information online, for themselves and their loved ones.

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