• Monitor patients with diabetes remotely
  • Help pre-diabetic patients manage their health
  • Limit the incidence of comorbidities in diabetic patients
  • Provide personalised care for diabetic patients

Custom diabetes monitoring

Personalised care plans to monitor patients’ blood, whether they are prediabetic, have juvenile diabetes or gestational diabetes. They can also log readings from health devices and lab reports (HbA1c, creatinine etc) to prevent complications. Reduce the risk of comorbidities like diabetic neuropathy and retinopathy with monitoring.

Personalised threshold for each patient

Prevent hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia by setting personalised thresholds for your patient’s blood sugar values. If the reported reading crosses these limits, you will receive an automated alert, allowing you to provide timely medical intervention.

Monitoring on the mobile

Wherever they may be, your patients can update their health trackers through the phone with the ContinuousCare mobile app.
Add team members to your diabetes care plan (nutritionists, counselors, specialists) to help manage your patients’ health.

Preventive care and better diabetes management

Patient education is an essential part of diabetes care. Write helpful articles on diabetes management and prevention and provide your patients with the right information online.
The health blog on your Virtual Practice allows you to provide patients with useful tips on diabetes diet, medication, exercise, early symptoms and co-morbidities, which they can trust over other online resources.

Continuous diabetes monitoring for your patients