Following up with your patients between hospital visits just got easier. Patients located anywhere in the world, elderly patients who may not be able to travel often and chronic patients who need a more convenient way to follow up, will now be able to consult with you through Video Consultations. Also available on your smartphone.


Set up Video Consultation services

Set up and update consultation timings and suitable time slots for patients looking to book a session with you. Also define suitable consultation fees, which patients can pay online, prior to their Video Consultation.


Manage Video Consultation appointments

Dedicate a few hours every week to follow-up with patients via Video Consultation. Accordingly, confirm appointment requests or even book appointments for your patients, enabling you to manage your schedule effectively.


Send Video Consultations summary to patient

Help patients keep track of the key points discussed during the Video Consultation, such as updates to Patient Health Records or review notes, by sending a detailed summary of your session via email after the session.

Other features of the Virtual Practice

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to have a successful video session, you will need a good internet connection with minimum of 500kbps, a laptop/PC with good quality webcam and microphone (built-in/extra), a private & quiet environment where only the patient(and maybe a caregiver) is present and the latest version of Google Chrome.

Yes, you can carry out Video Consultations using the Virtual Practice for Doctors app on Android and iOS devices. This feature works best with a wifi connection on your smartphone or tablet.

No, the Video Consultation cannot be extended over the chosen allotted time, during a session. We recommend that you define a suitable time slot for all your sessions under the ‘Settings’ tab of your Virtual Practice dashboard, prior to enabling the Video Consultation service.

You will receive email and SMS alerts when a patient books an appointment. Confirm and reschedule appointment requests based on your convenience. Both you and your patients will receive SMS and email reminders on the day of your Video Consultation. Should you cancel a scheduled appointment, a notification will be sent to the patient informing them of the same.

You will be able to access Patient Health Records (PHR) and even make changes to them during Video Consultations. Also, send a detailed consultation summary to the patient highlighting changes made to the PHR after the video session via email.