Our mission is to improve the accessibility of healthcare

By helping patients and healthcare providers to stay connected online, with access to their health data.


To do this...

We built two apps - one for patients and one for health providers - to help them stay connected and communicate, with patient health data at the centre of everything.

Virtual Practice

Patients and Healthcare Providers Need This Because...

  • Followups are often inconvenient and inefficient
  • Required healthcare expertise is not always locally available
  • Variations in health conditions go unnoticed in between hospital visits
  • Staying on track with one's medication and changes to diet and routine isn't easy
  • Patients have healthcare needs that extend way beyond a visit to the clinic or hospital. Healthcare providers need to be more accessible to their patients but in a manageble way that does not disrupt their hospital hours or personal time. Also the increasing numbers of patients with chronic conditions require doctors to establish efficient, convenient and responsive ways of supporting chronic patients.

Technology Can Now Help to Meet These Needs

  • Availability and use of self-tracking health and fitness devices is growing
  • Smartphones are increasingly affordable and available
  • Its now easier to access information about health problems online and from other patients


  • Its difficult to interpret one's own health data without a real healthcare provider
  • It takes a proper understanding of a patient's personalized needs to diagnose and treat an illness
  • Social networks and messaging apps are not the right places to be discussing health issues
  • And this is why the best way to meet the needs of patients and healthcare providers is enable them to connect and engage with each other, with proper access to health data.

Founded in 2011, NeedStreet is backed by a team with over 18 years experience in building innovative technology solutions in different domains. Across our various ventures together what has stayed constant is the fun we've had in using technology to deliver value, in the form of great products backed by efficient operations. The NeedStreet team is based out of offices in Trivandrum & Bangalore.