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With the Virtual Practice app, you can

View & schedule appointments




patients’ health


telemedicine services


payments for services


health questions


patient notifications


alerts and reminders


billing & prescriptions


consultations notes

Easy access to patient profiles

Access your entire patient database and all of their health information in one place. Get a comprehensive view of all of your patients' health data to help you make informed decisions about their care.

Mobile patient engagement through telemedicine

Follow-up and consult with patients through telemedicine services like Video Consultations. Collect payments prior to telemedicine sessions to get reimbursed for your consultations and access their health records during the session

Respond to text consultations

Receive alerts about new patients' questions and respond to them on your mobile. Access patients Personal Health Records during mobile consultations to make better health decisions

Chronic Care Management on your mobile

Monitor patients on your remote care or chronic care plans through periodic updates. Your patients can share information from their home health monitoring devices and connected apps as well

Manage your appointments

Receive and respond to appointment requests from patients, schedule follow-up appointments for your patients on the app

Easy access to prescriptions and notes

Manage e-prescriptions and consultations notes on-the-go. Access details of your patients' previous engagements with your practice.

Communicate with patients in just a click

With patient notifications and reminders, you can communicate with patients and keep track of your schedule with greater ease.

Mobile payments and billing

Collect payments online, view invoices of all clinic and online consultations and review revenue reports to effectively manage your practice and finances

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Custom Branded Mobile App For Your Practice

Get a custom branded mobile application with your practice logo and branding to promote your health practice and engage with patients better.

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