Follow-up consultations with existing patients or connect with remotely located new patients planning to visit you
Mobile Application

Branded Patient Mobile App

Convenient and collaborative care with patients through secure communication and access  to patient health data. Accept mobile payments for consultations with patients. Send notifications and informative patient education content directly to patients, through the mobile.

Web Patient Portal

Enhance your online discoverability with a web patient portal at a SSL-certified secure custom web address, which showcase the services and expertise of your practice.

Web application

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Available on All Devices

Patients can download your organization's health app from iTunes Store and Google Play.

Available Devices

Additional Features

You get the following features too along with your ContinuousCare account

Secure Access

Secure access to patient data

Access patient health data through your branded mobile app and web patient portal

Patient Notification

Patient Notifications

Automated notification to alert
patients of new updates or of any
actions you would like them to view


Multiple Practice Locations

Ability to display and manage online
services of the various branches
of your practice

Consulation Notes

Digitally Signed Prescriptions & Consultation Notes

Digitally sign all medical prescriptions
and consultations notes for your patients


Accept Payments Online

Patients can pay for consultations and
services through the mobile app


Provider Listings & Services

Set consultation timings & charges
for each provider in your practice

HIPPA Compliant

HIPAA compliant

Adhering to HIPAA standards
of data security and privacy

Language Support

Can be customized for
language support, on request

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