Remote Patient Monitoring

Chronic and long term care requires continuous monitoring. Provide remote care to your patients so that they can stay on track with your treatment plan. Improve health outcomes and patient satisfaction with Remote Patient Monitoring.

Set up a Monitoring Plan

Setting up a plan is easy and can be done in a few easy steps

  • Select Health Trackers from the list available in your Virtual Practice
  • Choose how often you’d like your patients to update these readings
  • Determine how often you would review your patients
  • Set up monitoring teams to be in charge
  • Add subscription costs
Set up a Monitoring Plan

Assign Patients to Your Plan
Assign Patients to Your Plan

Add patients to a plan you think would benefit them. Personalised thresholds can be set if needed for some parameters. In the case of paid monitoring plans, your patients can pay you online.

Review Health Tracker Updates from Patients

Automated alerts will be sent to you when patients make Health Tracker entries. You can review readings and if necessary send feedback, which will be notified to your patients.

Review Health Tracker Updates from Patients

Long Term Monitoring

Over time you will be able to observe variations in your patients’ health condition and probably arrive at useful conclusions about their treatment and health regimen.

Personalised Thresholds

Patients need treatment personalised to their individual needs. You can set personalised threshold ranges for your trackers, resulting in special alerts being raised to both the patient and yourself, if patient readings are outside the normal range.