The ContinuousCare Platform

Telemedicine Consultations

Driving better care through better communication using Video Consultations

Remote Monitoring

Continuity of care for chronic or long-term illnesses

Portal for Patient Engagement

An integrative patient portal for sharing health data and online consultations

Who it's for

We help individual healthcare providers and organizations to manage their online healthcare delivery with our cost effective subscription plans to the Virtual Practice mobile and cloud app. Healthcare consumers have the free ContinuousCare app to manage their data and connect with their own healthcare providers.

Our ContinuousCare platform can also be deployed for large healthcare systems, organizations and digital health enterprises that need a specialized solution on their own servers. We can also support integrations with existing systems in such enterprises.

Hospital Groups

To help retain existing customers and grow patient referrals while reducing acquisition costs

Pharm/therapeutics companies

Gain a better understanding of your target customer base to drive targetted engagement and sales

Chronic & Home Care enterprises

Continuous monitoring and timely intervention to ensure better health outcomes

Health Device Players

Build specialized healthcare services around your consumer health device & help your consumers to use their health data more effectively

Diagnostic facilities

Ease of following up with patients and sharing health data for analysis and periodic review

Solo practitioners

Set up an online engagement portal to follow-up with patients

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