ContinuousCare offers end-to-end telemedicine services on our platform, connecting providers and patients for collaborative care on the web and mobile

Telemedicine for Collaborative Care

Connect with patients remotely, collaborate with healthcare teams and consult in a secure environment

Smartphones have enabled increased accessibility to healthcare
Custom Solutions

Custom solutions for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, hospitals, health providers, chronic care centres and home-care professionals to touch base and engage with their customers, through the web or on their mobile

Real-world interaction, virtually

Much like direct visits, patients can book appointments,and pay their consultation fees online. Providers can define suitable time slots and payments just as they would in their practice.

Ready-to-use, cloud-based telehealth solution

We've uncomplicated telemedicine technology with the Virtual Practice. For providers aiming to explore telemedicine for their practice, this is the way to go.

Consultation Notes That Ensure Adherence

Consultation Notes That Ensure Adherence

A summary of the video consultation can be emailed to patient users after the session, highlighting the key
points of discussion to help patients recall, adhere to their treatment and even ensure follow-up care

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