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Set up consultation timings

Video Consultations help you manage your time effectively while allowing you to see more patients. Define suitable consultation timings for video sessions to help manage your time effectively

Define payments for your sessions

Telemedicine sessions are a great way to add an additional source of revenue to your practice. Set up payments for your video consultations, which patients would be able to pay for before a session.

Manage your video appointments

Once set up, you can schedule or accept appointments for your telemedicine sessions online or on the mobile app. Confirm, reschedule or cancel appointments and your patients will be automatically notified of the appointment status.

Send consultation summaries

Improve treatment adherence by sharing e-prescriptions,appointment reminders, treatment goals, invoices or even prescribe a monitoring plan for patients, which patients will receive as an email consultation summary after their session.

Collect payments for telemedicine sessions

Earn more as your see more patients daily. Collect payments for your video consultations prior to a session to ensure you are compensated for your time. Patients can pay you on the web or through their mobile app.

Consult through the mobile

Mobile telehealth engagement with your patients is possible with the Virtual Practice mobile app, offering greater ease of delivering follow-up care and monitoring patient health.

Reminders & Notifications

Limit no-shows with telemedicine appointments confirmations and reminders about upcoming telemedicine sessions.

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Get your own telemedicine solution to connect with your patients. We'll help you set up a white-labeled version of the Virtual Practice's telemedicine service for your health organization.

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