As a busy healthcare provider, you may feel that you cannot find time to support Video Consultations for your patients.  Or perhaps you have already tried using Skype or Hangouts to support video sessions with your patients but find that you run the risk of being disturbed at any time.  The good news is that your Virtual Practice enables you to support Video Consultations at your own convenience so that you can use it only for patients who truly need it.

Consultations Are by Appointment Only

The Video Consultation feature in your Virtual Practice requires patients to book an appointment and pay for it, before you have to set aside time to consult online.

Flexible Scheduling

You can decide to accept Video Consultations for only certain fixed timing slots per week. Patients will be limited to booking consultations within those time slots.  You can always reschedule the Video Consultation booking to a suitable time which the patient can confirm.

Patients Pay Online 

You can set a consultation charge of your choice, which patients can pay when booking a consultation. This helps ensure that you don’t face no-shows.

Your Patients Will Love the Convenience

Patients often need to clarify doubts about variations in their health between clinic visits or ask doubts about their medication. Elderly patients who find it difficult to travel would benefit from being able to see and talk to you when their health condition needs your help.

Over time, you will come to find that Video Consultations actually save you time, as you engage with patients at any time of your convenience for quick follow-up consultations, thus freeing up more time for your clinic. Your patients also appreciate the increased convenience and accessibility that you provide them.