Your Virtual Practice comes integrated with a complete payment system that enables you to set up payment charges for services you provide, create bills, accept payments online and view billing reports.

You can set up and manage payments by following these simple instructions:

Go to the Settings section of your Portal Manager, and access Payment Settings below that, and fill in the following fields.

Payment Currency: This is the currency in which your payment charges will be displayed and charged to your patients. The currency options available to you depend on your location. Over time, we aim to add more options.

Tax: This is the default tax rate (%) for all your billable services. You can also edit the name of the applicable tax and this will be displayed as such in bills generated in your Virtual Practice. This is a central setting and you can set specific tax rates for each billable service. Once you set a different tax rate for a specific service, it remains the same, even when the default rate is changed.

Payment Service: In order to accept payments from patients on your Virtual Practice, health care providers outside India must first create a PayPal account or a Paystack account, and then should configure the account details under Portal Manager payment settings.

Note: Your PayPal account can be linked to a local bank of your preference. It can take up to seven days to receive your payment in your bank account.

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