Is there an additional cost for video streaming?

Video streaming charges are US$0.005225 per streamed subscribed minute. Streamed subscribed minutes applies to the duration of time during which both participants are subscribing to each other’s video stream. These costs only apply for actual sessions, with both participants involved. It will not apply if one participant starts streaming video but the other participant has not joined the call.

So, for a video session of 15 minutes duration, the total streamed subscribed minutes = 2 x 15. The total cost of a 15 minute video session is thus: $0.005225/min x 2 x 15 = $0.15675. Overall usage costs will be invoiced at the end of every month, if applicable.

Why is video not included in the subscription costs?

The ContinuousCare platform uses a third party HIPAA compliant video service provider. These video service providers incur costs based on the video usage and hence the typically charge based on the number of video minutes that are used.

ContinuousCare is a comprehensive platform that provides a range of features including practice management, online appointment booking, remote patient montoring, text consultations and telemedicine video calls. The platform, therefore, has many customers who do not use the video feature, while there are many customers who consume a large number of video minutes. Hence, we have chosen to keep the video usage out of the subscription pricing and this is priced based on your usage. If you do not use the video feature, then you do not have to pay for the video minutes at all.

Do video consultations work in low bandwidth scenarios?

Yes, our video telemedicine solution will intelligently adjust in accordance to the available bandwidth conditions. In poor bandwidth conditions, it will automatically adjust the quality of the video.

Additionally, if the bandwidth conditions are not sufficient to support a video stream, then the application will automatically switch to an audio only mode. We have also built in an auto-reconnect function, so the application will attempt to re-establish connection if the connectivity is lost.

What are the bandwidth, device, browser apps specifications for telemedicine video consultations?

You can view more information about supported browser versions, mobile OS versions for the apps and bandwidth/network requirements here.

Can video consultations be done from both desktops and mobile?

Yes, both patients and providers can attend the video consultations from desktops, mobile browsers or the mobile apps. The video consultation feature works over the internet and you need a LAN/Wifi connection or a mobile connection with data support.