Remote Monitoring is a health monitoring plan defined by your healthcare provider where you can get your health data or health tracker entries monitored between clinic visits. It is a remote healthcare plan, where your health provider either assigns you to a personalized plan or you can subscribe to a plan on your provider’s web Virtual Practice. This allows your provider to monitor your health condition when at home, to prevent any variations in your health conditions.

Once subscribed, all you have to do is to enter relevant health tracker entries, which includes vital signs, symptoms and other relevant factors on a timely basis (as directed by the plan). Your updated health readings will be then reviewed by your health provider or the monitoring team assigned by your provider, who will provide valid feedback to ensure your health stays on track.

A typical Remote Monitoring plan will include-

a) A description of the plan and how it benefits those subscribed to it

b) List of health trackers monitored by the provider

c) Monitoring frequency, explaining how often you will need to update your tracker readings

d) Review frequency, detailing how often these trackers will be reviewed by your provider

e) Subscription cost and duration of the plan

[IMG: Overview of a monitoring plan]

Subscribing to a monitoring plan:

If your health provider has published Remote Monitoring plans on their Virtual Practice, you can subscribe to a suitable plan by following the steps below:

  • Identify a monitoring plan you would like to subscribe to based on its goal
  • Choose one of the package subscription plans based on your health condition and duration required for monitoring your health and subscribe to it
  • Confirm the subscription by reviewing the subscription payment details.

[IMG: Steps of subscription]

Your provider may also choose to assign a Remote Monitoring plan to you during a clinic or online consultation. You will be notified of this through email and once confirmed, all you need to do is to update your health readings on time, based on the prescribed time period, for your health provider’s review.