ContinuousCare allows you to connect and engage with your health providers on the web (through their Virtual Practices) or on your mobile (on the ContinuousCare app).

Once your health provider has created a Virtual Practice, you can use your ContinuousCare app to engage with them or even use your account to manage your health and records.

All your health data in one place:

Making the right decisions about your health requires you to have all your health data. ContinuousCare offers you the convenience of accessing your health data and communicating with your health providers. This helps both you and your health providers to collaborate in your care and ensure better healthcare outcomes.

Active participation in your health could mean reduced health costs and fewer hospitalizations. ContinuousCare allows users to track their vital parameters, identify any variations in their health and have it reviewed by their doctors. Your doctors can provide timely interventions to ensure you stay healthy.

The PHR, Trackers and Journal:

With ContinuousCare, you don’t have to bother with paper records and medical files – the Patient Health Records (PHR) allows you to store, view and share your health records with your doctors online or during a clinic visit. It is accessible at any time, from anywhere; on your computer or smartphone.

Health information relevant to you

Updating your PHR regularly also has other benefits. You’ll receive helpful health tips and updates on the latest health and medical news relevant to you directly on your smartphone, through the Health Network – an exclusive community for health and wellness.

Stay connected with your own providers

Book appointments online and avoid long waits. Can’t make it for an appointment? Consult with your healthcare provider online through Video Consultations or using Text Consultations. Your providers can access your health reports and medical files during online consultations, just like they would during clinic visits.

Invite your health providers

If your health provider does not have a Virtual Practice, you can invite them to create one using the ContinuousCare app. Once on ContinuousCare, you can consult and share health reports with them remotely.