The Virtual Practice

A web and mobile application aimed at improving provider-patient engagement and practice management. The complete solution for healthcare providers looking to deliver care beyond the clinic.

Perfect for any clinic or medical practice, the Virtual Practice can be used with your existing website or practice management system to offer collaborative care through better engagement.


Ensure better health outcomes and improved communication with your patients with an exclusive suite of features that are designed for better provider-patient interaction.

Patient Health Records

Access to all patient records

Remote Health Monitoring

Updates on patient health status

Manage Appointments

Efficient appointment management

Patient Notifications

Effective patient communication

Web Patient Portal

Customised online presence

Video Consultation

Efficient telehealth services

Health Questions

Answer patient queries online

Record Prescriptions

Ensure better patient adherence

The Virtual Practice App

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Web Patient Portal

Patient Health Records

Video Consultation

Health Questions


Remote Monitoring

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