A Mobile App For Patients To Engage With You

Patients registered with you can connect using the ContinuousCare app

Through the patient portal, your patients will be able to

  • View staff
  • Access and share
    their health records
  • Book
  • Ask
  • Get their
    health monitored
  • Access your
    telemedicine services
  • View your health
  • Receive
  • Make
  • Receive reminders & notifications

Register and Use

Once registered with your web Virtual Practice, your patients can use the ContinuousCare app, using the same login credentials, to access and use all of your Virtual Practice services at any time, from anywhere

Easy appointment booking

Patients can view your consultation timings and book appointments for clinic or online consultations without having to make phone calls. They also receive automated alerts about the status of their appointment requests

Manage their Personal Health Records

A secure and convenient way for patients to share their health records and test reports exclusively with your practice. You practice can also update patients' Personal Health Records, which patients can view on their app.

Text Consultations

Getting answers to health queries are more convenient than ever. Patients can ask health questions, pay for their consultations and view your response on their smartphone.

Telehealth and Video Consultations

Your patients can easily follow-up and connect with you through telemedicine sessions on the ContinuousCare app. They can book a session, pay through their mobile and consult via video. Patients can also receive consultation summaries (including e-prescriptions) sent after a session.

Remote monitoring and health trackers

Patients susbcribed to your online Remote Monitoring care plans can update their health trackers and share these values with your practice periodically through the ContinuousCare mobile app. They can view and track their progress on your health plans on their mobile.

Connected Healthcare with ContinuousCare

ContinuousCare integrates with Google Fit and iOS Health app, allowing data from wearable devices and health apps to be shared securely with your Virtual Practice.

  • Data integration with iHealth
  • BG5 monitor & Omron glucose monitor
  • Blood sugar tracking at home
  • Syncing readings with Personal Health Records

To request specific device integration, contact us at support@continuouscare.io

Mobile notifications and alerts

You patients can receive notifications from your Virtual Practice, about events, new services or any announcements that may be relevant to them, on their mobile app. They will also receive timely automated reminders about upcoming appointments, to reduce no-shows.

Mobile payments

Payments for telemedicine sessions, text consultations or subscriptions to care plans can be made to your Virtual Practice by patients, through the ContinuousCare app.

Get a White-Labelled ContinuousCare Mobile App

For health organizations looking to offer their patients a mobile app with your own branding, look no further!

Get a white-labelled version of the ContinuousCare mobile app with all of its existing features and capabilities to engage with your Virtual Practice, but branded with your practice name and logo.

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