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Why is Chronic Care Management Important?

Chronic Care Management allows you to help patients with chronic diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid problems, Alzheimer's, Mental Illness, Heart Disease etc, manage their health better and be more involved in their care.

The problem

Most health providers can attest to one or more of the these issues when it comes to patient engagement and chronic care.

  • Poor treatment compliance and medical adherence
  • Inability for patients to follow-up regularly
  • Gaps in patient health between clinic visits
  • Complications arising out of poor health management
  • Difficulty to monetize assistance provided through phone/email
  • Lack of structured care plans specific to each patient
  • Inability to track patient's progress on specific medications, treatments
  • Poor patient initiative and involvement in their health management
  • Inability to meet new patients with chronic illnesses due to lack of time

A structured care plan that is customised and carefully planned, with reporting and viewable results can improve patient motivation, drive better adherence and grow practice revenue.

A Complete Chronic Care Management Solution

Our Chronic Care Management software addresses all of these problems and ensures your deliver the best care and grow patient satisfaction

  • New revenue stream

    You can create care plans with paid subscriptions which patients can pay for through the Virtual Practice's payment gateway

  • Grow your practice

    With structured virtual care plans, your existing patients can be monitored remotely with period review. This allows you to meet more patients at your practice on a daily basis.

  • Better health outcomes

    Continuous and dedicated health monitoring by you or your team will ensure better intervention in your patients' health, improving their health outcomes.

  • Accessibility to patient information

    Patients update their health readings and vital parameters periodically through the Virtual Practice's Health Trackers, which allows you to review and track their progress over time.

  • Convenient care

    Offer your patients the flexibility to update their health reading through the Virtual Practice web or mobile application. Better convenience means better compliance.

  • Branded Mobile Apps

    We provided custom branded mobile apps for iOS and Android that your patients can download directly from the app store.

Health data

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Features of the Virtual Practice

Custom branded patient portal

Custom branded patient portal

With a custom domain and attractive themes to personalize your practice



Automated patient notifications through SMS, emails and mobile

Personal Health Records

Personal Health Records

Comprehensive patient records accessible from anywhere, when you need it

Health Blog

Health Blog

Patient education through helpful health tips and articles on your blog

Text Consultation

Patient health questions with the option to add health reports as attachments


Quick and convenient follow-ups and consultations through Video Consultations

Clinic Consultations

Appointment scheduling and management for clinic visits

Billing & Payments

Online payments and billing for clinic and online consultations


Prescriptions which can be emailed or saved for clinic and online consultations

Home Consultations

Support for health teams to schedule and manage home visits

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Experiencing Your Care, At Home

Chronic Care Monitoring For Your Patients, At Your Convenience

Subscribe to a chronic care plan

Subscribe patients or have them subscribe to suitable care plans based on your evaluation of their health

chronic care plan Subscribe patients or have them subscribe to suitable care plans based on your evaluation of their health
Quick online subscriptions

Quick online subscriptions

Patients can pay online for plans and get started right away

Convenient health updates

Patients can sync health reading from their home monitoring devices directly or update vital parameters manually

health updates
View progress over time

View progress over time

Patients can view their progress over time in a graph, motivating them to adhere to their care plan

Real-time feedback

Patients get real-time or periodic reviews from you or your care team about their progress

Real-time feedback
Easy online renewals

Easy online renewals

Your patients can renew their subscription online to continue with their chronic care management

Device Integration

Integrates with home health devices

Patients can share data from health monitoring devices like the iHealth Smart Glucometer and other BLE devices. Data from GoogleFit and Apple's Health app can also be shared through the ContinuouCare patient app.

Get a Custom Branded Patient Mobile App

Custom branded patient mobile apps for iOS and Android with your brand, logo and colors made available in the Apple and Google app stores.

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Custom Branded App

Empowering patients to manage chronic illnesses

Diagnosis of a chronic illness can mean a lot of changes and sacrifices for your patients. With chronic care plans, you can make it convenient for your patients to manage their health at all times


  • Quick way to follow-up
  • Easier for patients to update their latest health parameters
  • Saves you and your patients time


  • Allows you to monitor chronic illness more closely
  • Allows you to intervene at the right time
  • Give you more time to meet new patients at your clinic
  • Improves health outcomes overall
  • Reduces risk of health complications


  • Promotes better treatment adherence
  • Fosters better engagement with their health providers
  • Allows patients to be more proactive about their health
  • Enables better self-management of chronic illnesses at home

Proper chronic care management has been proven to help prevent complications, reduce unnecessary costs and improve overall health

With our Chronic Care Management software, you can offer customized chronic care plans to empower your patients to manage their health better.

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Complete Chronic Care Management Software (CCM)

Designed with care givers in mind

We let you focus on what’s important, your patients and their health

Chronic Care Plans Personalized For Each Patient


Choose from a comprehensive list of 49+ health trackers to create custom chronic care plans for illnesses like Diabetes, Thyroid care, Hypertension, Post-surgery care, Pain Management, Heart Disease etc.

Remote monitoring

Define timelines for patients to update their health readings. Also set expectations for when their readings will be reviewed.

Care teams

Create chronic care monitoring teams who can view your patients' health data and manage your health monitoring plans

Multiple plans

Create different care plans for patients with different chronic illnesses, to cater to their specific needs.

Convenient Health Tracking With Reminders, Timely Interventions & Reports

Easy health assessments

Help patients manage their chronic illnesses by viewing how they are doing on your care plans over time through helpful dashboard views.

Timely intervention

View patient prognosis and intervene when necessary to prevent complications due to chronic illnesses

Accessible anywhere

View your patients' health tracker readings on the web Virtual Practice or even on the mobile app

Device integration

Your patients can share health data from the home monitoring devices through bluetooth. Supported devices inlclude iHealth BG5, Google Fit, iOS Health and linked apps.

Real-time feedback

Patients can chat with their monitoring team about chronic care plans, symptoms or health updates and receive responses real-time

Generate Revenue through Flexible Payments for Your Care Plan Subscriptions

Flexible plans

Choose monthly or annual subscription plans for your chronic care remote monitoring plans


Select suitable pricing for your chronic care remote monitoring plans based on their complexity and time duration

Online payments

Patients can subscribe for plans themselves or you can subscribe patients to suitable plans which they can pay for online

Easy renewals

Notifications will be sent to patients reminding them to renew their plans before they are due to expire

Optional pricing

Option to provide free plans, in addition to paid chronic care remote monitoring plans, to help patients get started

New revenue stream

Create an additional revenue stream by offering chronic care plans to track and monitor your patients at home.

Other benefits

Time Saving

Saves time for both you and your patients

Save Cost

Saves costs


regular virtual follow-ups

Source of revenue

Additional source of revenue

Complete Chronic Care Management Software for your Team

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Chronic Care Management Solutions for Health Organizations

For health enterprises looking to grow and develop chronic care-focussed programs

Chronic Care Management Solutions

Custom Solutions For Your Practice and Patients

We support enterprise-level customizations of the Virtual Practice's chronic care services to deliver value to your business

Customized Care

Provide custom care plans to cater to your patients' health needs, with specific Health Trackers and monitoring parameters

Integrated services

Integrated support with Personal HealthRecords, Appointment Scheduling and Payments.

Supports Care Teams

Give your patients the expertise and guidance of your multi-disciplinary care team to deliver the best results

Custom branding

A cost-effective custom branded chronic care solution that your organization can provide to patients

Mobile applications

Custom branded provider and patient mobile applications to increase accessibility to your chronic care services

80% of healthcare executive believe that technology can be most beneficial to patients with chronic diseases

According to WHO, chronic disease management can lead to a 25% relative reduction of mortality

75% of clinicians believe that apps are a great way to get patients to engage more in their care

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