Make Your Virtual Practice Your Own with a Custom Domain

Custom domain mapping to your Virtual Practice

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Customizing Your Virtual Practice? We Can Help

Make a bigger impact with your Virtual Practice by mapping it to a domain of your choice

On signing up for a Virtual Practice, you receive a web portal on a subdomain (eg.

You can truly make this your own by purchasing a web domain and mapping your Virtual Practice to it.

How does this help?

Helps patients find you

Your patients are likely to search for your name or your practice name online. Having a custom web address under your practice name or a popular name helps them find it easily.

Creates your online identity

Just like your brick-and-mortar business, your Virtual Practice with a web address of your choice goes a long way in establishing your online identity.

Customize your web presence

In addition to having a unique web address, you can further customize your Virtual Practice website by adding a banner image, logo, photos and information about your practice, truly making it your own.

Don't wait! Purchase a domain today

You can purchase a domain from reputed platforms like GoDaddy, Sedo, Namecheap, Bluehost
or any other reputed domain provider.

Once you have your domain name, we will help you map it to your Virtual Practice.

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