Java Server Developer

We are looking for a Java Server Developer with prior experience in the development of cloud-based web and mobile applications. You will primarily be responsible for the development of high-performance multi-tiered and clustered web applications for our digital health SaaS platform.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • Write clean and standard Java code (Java 8 preferred).
  • Develop web services with Spring Framework and ORMS like Hibernate.
  • Work with databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL and Elastic Search.
  • Must be able to write async communication using AMQP like Rabbitmq or AWS SQS.
  • Ability to work on client side technologies like Angular or React is preferred.
  • Integrate with various AWS and other third party services like S3, SNS, Mixpanel, Google, payment gateways etc.
  • Have a solid understanding of fundamental design principles behind a scalable application and also an in-depth idea of how web applications work including security, session management, caching, clustering
  • Write Unit Test and Integration Tests.

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Web Front-end Developer

We are looking for a Front-end Web Developer interested in building cutting edge web UI solutions, to work on our digital health platform web applications. A strong commitment to developing user friendly, high performance and aesthetically appealing user interfaces is required.


  • Extensive hands-on knowledge and experience of HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and JS frameworks like React
  • Experience with CSS pre-processors and build tools like Grunt/Gulp/Webpack
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills. Ability to articulate ideas.
  • Experience with Git/SVN.
  • Ability to use image editing tools like Photoshop or Gimp is an advantage.
  • Experience with test and assertion libraries like Mocha and Chai is an advantage.


  • Write cross-browser and standards compliant code that meets flexibility, scalability and performance requirements
  • Work closely with application developers and product specialists to build responsive user interfaces with an emphasis on usability and user experience
  • Develop and maintain a set of reusable components

To apply, email us at

React Native Developer

We are looking for an experienced React Native developer to join our development team on a fast-growing product. You are expected to play a lead role in developing from ground-up the React Native versions of our existing native mobile apps.

We are looking for a candidate with the following profile:

  •  2+ years of experience building commercial React Native mobile applications for both iOS and Android
  • Experience with native mobile programming (Objective-C, Swift, Java/Android)
  • Strong understanding of modern standards-based HTML, CSS and JavaScript (ES 6-7), and experience with React/Redux
  • Experience with testing and debugging mobile apps, particularly React Native apps (Jest, Detox, etc.)
  • Comfortable with Agile methodologies and version control (Git)
  • Experience with style guide-driven development
  • Experience with or basic understanding of back-end development and databases
  • Excellent test automation skills
  • You have excellent written and verbal communication skills

To apply, email us at

UI Designer

We are looking for someone who is able to design aesthetically pleasing and highly usable user interfaces and graphical content, based on a real understanding of business requirements.


  • Strong aesthetic sense and proven understanding of different styles.
  • Ability to apply the right style in a design.
  • Skilled in using standard design tools to create production quality graphics
  • Ability to implement usable prototypes of a designed UI will be an advantage.
  • Must have exhibited an eye for detail and perfection, in existing portfolio of work
  • Ability to comprehend the business needs of a company or product and design accordingly
  • Someone with an inherent need to turn out high quality designs
  • Proven experience in designing interfaces adhering to design standards of web and mobile platforms
  • Ability to articulate rationale behind designs i.e. how your designs suit the audience they are being designed for
  • Team player who works with technical and marketing teams to deliver the right outcomes


  • 2+ years of relevant experience
  • Graphics Design Tools: Photoshop/CorelPaint/GIMP
  • UI Design Tools: Balsamiq, wireframing tools
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript knowledge will be an advantage
  • Familiarity with CMS tools like Wordpress will be an advantage

To apply, email us at

DevOps Engineer

In this role you will be responsible for the deployment and maintenance of a cloud-based enterprise SaaS solution, deploying, automating, maintaining, troubleshooting and improving the systems that keep the backend infrastructure running smoothly, with an emphasis on the implementation of best practice security principles. You will also participate in our agile development process, working closely with other functional groups to ensure that we deliver on a best of class solution for our customers, with maximum efficiency.

Core Role Responsibilities:

  • Deploying, automating, maintaining and managing AWS cloud based production system, to ensure the availability, performance, scalability and security of productions systems.
  • Build, release and configuration management of production systems.
  • Pre-production Acceptance Testing to help assure the quality of our products / services.
  • Automate as much as possible to ensure that developers are never doing repetitive tasks, and that the infrastructure is kept up to date as the technology stack evolves.
  • System troubleshooting and problem solving across platform and application domains.
  • Suggesting architecture improvements, recommending process improvements.
  • Evaluate new technology options and vendor products.
  • Ensuring critical system security through the use of best in class cloud security solutions.

Required Skills and Experience:

  • AWS: 2+ years’ experience with using a broad range of AWS technologies (e.g. EC2, RDS, ELB, S3, DynamoDB, IAM, CloudWatch, KMS, WAF, SNS, SQS,, ECS) to develop and maintain an Amazon AWS based cloud solution with 24x7 uptime, with an emphasis on best practice cloud security.
  • Services like Elastic Search, RabbitMQ.
  • Monitoring and Analytic tools like ELK , Prometheus, Nagios etc
  • Web/Application servers: Apache, Nginx,Tomcat etc.
  • Scripting & Automation: Strong scripting (e.g. Python) and automation skills. Experience with Ansible Playbook.
  • Continuous Integration tools: Jenkins; build tools - Maven and Ant;
  • Containerization tools: Docker
  • Security principles: Server security, file systems and access control.
  • Operating Systems: Windows and Linux system administration. CentOS.
  • Problem Solving: Ability to analyze and resolve complex infrastructure resource and application deployment issues.
  • Networking: Understanding network topologies and common network protocols and services (DNS, HTTP(S), SSH, FTP, SMTP).
  • Version Control: Experience administrating version control systems such as Git, SVN.
  • DB Skills: Basic DB administration experience (MySQL, PostGreSQL, Oracle)

Educational Requirements:

  • B.Tech/B.Sc. in Computer Science or other equivalent technical discipline.
  • Systems Administration certifications

Other Core Requirements:

  • Professional commitment to high quality, and a passion for learning new skills.
  • Detail-oriented individual with the ability to rapidly learn new concepts and technologies.
  • Strong problem solving skills, including providing simple solutions to complex situations.
  • Understanding and focus on business outcomes
  • Understanding and efficiency in collaboration, open communication and reaching across functional groups;
  • Must be a strong team player with the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively in a geographically disperse working environment.
  • Excellent English verbal and written communication skills are essential.

To apply, email us at