Connect with your health provider's
Virtual Practice on your smartphone.

Register with your health provider's Virtual Practice to start using the ContinuousCare app

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The 'Smart' Health App

The apps Personal Health Records is a great way to share your health records, reports and health data securely and exclusively with your health provider after clinic visits.

Access to Your Provider, Any time

Consult with your healthcare provider through their Virtual Practice's, without traveling or long waits. Ask a health question and even attach health reports to get answers to your health concerns.
your health provider after clinic visits.

Easy Follow-ups With Telemedicine

With Video Consultations, discuss your health concerns or let your health provider know how you're feeling. An easy and convenient way to follow-up after clinic visits.

Keep Your Provider Informed

With Remote Monitoring, your health provider can keep track of how you're doing between hospital visits. Receive feedback based on your health readings with customized plans created just for you, accessible on your app.

Get Health Information

Get information you know you can trust, right from your healthcare provider. Receive health articles written by your provider on your app, to help you make better decisions about your health.

Easy Appointment Bookings

Reduce long waits for appointments. Book an appointment through the ContinuousCare app for a clinic visit or for online consultations with your provider at any time, even after clinic hours

Integrates with Health Devices

ContinuousCare integrates with Google Fit and iOS Health app, allowing data from wearable devices and health apps to be shared securely with your provider.Apple Healthkit and Google FitIntegrates with the iHealth Smart glucometer, allowing you to track your blood sugar at home and sync readings with your Personal Health Records.

Tell Your Health Provider About the Virtual Practice

Invite your healthcare provider, caregiver or counsellor to create their Virtual Practice. Once registered with them online, you will have access to their services on your ContinuousCare mobile app.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Practice?

ContinuousCare offers an online and mobile platform called Virtual Practice for health providers, hospitals or clinics to engage with their patients. Once your provider has created their Virtual Practice, you will be able to register with them to use their online and remote care services, via the ContinuousCare app

Can I use the ContinuousCare app if I’m not registered with any health provider's Virtual Practice?

No, the ContinuousCare app integrates only with a registered Health provider's Virtual Practice. The health providers have to set up their services and then invite you to join their Virtual Practice

Can I use the same app to access multiple health providers' Virtual Practices with which I may be registered?

Yes, once registered with your health providers’ Virtual Practices, you will be able to independently access each of their services and share health information exclusively and selectively with each Virtual Practice using the ContinuousCare app. When logging in to the app, you will be able to select the Virtual Practice with which you would like to engage. You can also switch between your registered practices within the app to communicate with your providers

Will my PHR information be accessible to all Virtual Practices with which I am registered?

No, your PHR, all health data and engagement information is only accessible to the Virtual Practice with which you share this information. If registered with multiple practices, you will maintain separate PHR and health information with each Virtual Practice so as to maintain complete provider-patient confidentiality.

I have already been using my health provider’s web Virtual Practice to connect with them. Will the app have my details?

Yes, if you have already registered and used your provider’s web Virtual Practice all you need to do is use the same login details for your ContinuousCare app. You will then be able to access your account, including being able to view all past communication with your provider’s Virtual Practice. All changes made on the web reflect in your mobile app and vice versa.

Can online payments for Video and text consultations be made through the app?

Yes, you will be able to book appointments for Video Consultations, clinic visits and also pay for appointments and consultations through the app.

How do I invite my health provider to join the Virtual Practice?

You can invite your health provider via email to let them know about the Virtual Practice. We will send the details about the Virtual Practice and how to get started. Invite you health provider