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The All-In-One Practice Management Software

Patient Records. Consultation Notes. Scheduling. Online Appointments. Payments. Telemedicine. Care Plans. Marketing. Everything in a single, easy-to-use Practice Management Solution

Our platform addresses real issues to ensure smooth running of your practice

Our platform addresses real issues to ensure smooth running of your practice

  • Effectively reaching patient communication across emails, SMS and mobile apps
  • Lack of trained resources to manage your practice
  • Embracing new opportunities like telehealth and remote care
  • Juggling between multiple software tools that manage different aspects of your practice
  • Reduce the challenges of routine patient communication
  • Reducing revenue loss from no-shows
  • High costs of available software solutions
  • Adapting your medical practice to mobile-centric patient behavior

Complete Practice Management Software

With the ContinuousCare practice management software, you can provide patients with a better experience, right from the moment they register with you.

  • Simplifies your life

    Patient registrations, online appointments, consultation notes, prescriptions, patient notifications, telehealth, care plans - all in a single platform that simplifies your daily practice routines

  • Reduce Costs

    With one platform that does all, managing registrations, appointments, billing, prescriptions, reports, notifications, telehealth, careplans - you will be saving money. No need to invest in multiple software when one can do the job.

  • Reduce No Shows

    With the Virtual Practice's robust appointment management system, which includes automated alerts and capabilities to cancel and reschedule appointments, you can save thousands of dollars annually from appointment no-shows.

  • Online Payments

    With online billing for clinic consultations and services, you offer patients the option of making payments online, through the web or mobile.

  • Better healthcare outcomes

    E-Prescriptions, Patient Notifications, Remote Care Plans, Telemedicine, Text Consultations, Custom Mobile Apps - the Continuous Care Practice Management Software, opens up many opportunities to improve patient outcomes.

  • Practice Management App

    Our Practice Management Software is available on the Desktop web and we also provide Practice Management Apps for the iOS and Android platforms. Custom branded patient apps for the iOs and Android are also available.

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Features of the Virtual Practice

Custom branded patient portal

Custom branded patient portal

With a custom domain and attractive themes to personalize your practice



Automated patient notifications through SMS, emails and mobile

Personal Health Records

Personal Health Records

Comprehensive patient records accessible from anywhere, when you need it

Health Blog

Health Blog

Patient education through helpful health tips and articles on your blog

Text Consultation

Patient health questions with the option to add health reports as attachments

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Chronic and long-term health monitoring for patients through custom plans

Clinic Consultations

Appointment scheduling and management for clinic visits

Billing & Payments

Online payments and billing for clinic and online consultations


Prescriptions which can be emailed or saved for clinic and online consultations

Home Consultations

Support for health teams to schedule and manage home visits

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Making Consultations With Your Practice a Breeze

Simplify clinic visits, payments and follow-ups for your patients

Easy patient registration

Patients can register with your Virtual Practice online to engage with your practice

Easy patient registration
Online Appointment Booking

Online Appointment Booking

Appointment bookings can be done online without long waits, with options to cancel or reschedule confirmed appointments

Targeted patient notifications

Patients can receive SMS or email notifications updating them about special events or services that may be relevant to them

Patient notifications
Easier adherence to treatment

Easier adherence to treatment

Patients can receive e-Prescriptions and Consultations Notes that help them adhere to their course of treatment

Online billing and cashless payment

Patients can receive bills and invoices for clinic consultations which they can pay for online.

Online billing

Telemedicine sessions on your own patient app

Your patients can now book telemedicine sessions, share health reports, pay for sessions and consult with you on your own custom branded mobile patient app.

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Session on Patient app

Made with care, for your patients


  • Effective management of provider and patient time
  • Greater conveniences for patients
  • Limits no-shows and revenue loss


  • Promotes better medication adherence
  • Convenient options for payments
  • Great way to track clinic revenue
  • Effective ways to communicate with patients

Your patients will love the convenience and simplicity of connecting with your practice

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Practice Management Suite for Health Organizations

Helping health enterprises track and manage their revenue, patients and practice

97% of patients are left frustrated by long wait times

Patients using portals are 13% more likely to stay with a provider, even in an era with increased choice

42% of patients would like the convenience of self-schedule appointments

Custom Solutions To Help Your Practice

Our platform supports enterprise-level customizations of the Practice Management Software to cater to your business needs.

  • Appointment scheduling

    Structured appointment booking online, with automated reminders for better time management

  • Billing & Payments

    Online invoices which can be customized and paid online

  • Consultation Notes

    Real-time patient notes for clinic consultations, ensuring accurate recoding of patient information, treatment adherence & follow-up care

Practice Management Solution

Mobile Management

Mobile app customizations are also supported, to help you and your team manage your practice effectively

  • Integrated services

    Integrated support with Personal Health Records, Appointment Scheduling and Payments.

  • e-Prescriptions

    Customizable online prescriptions, with practice branding, which can be emailed to patients instantly

  • Revenue reports

    Track revenue through custom reports to help track profits from your services

Telemedicine sessions on your own patient app

Your patients can now book telemedicine sessions, share health reports, pay for sessions and consult with you on your own custom branded mobile patient app.

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Session on Patient app

Manage Better To Grow Faster

We build a platform that can help you grow your business, ensure greater patient satisfaction and manage your revenue.

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A Complete Practice Management Solution

Helping you manage your practice, time and revenue

We help you streamline management of your health practice

Appointment Scheduling with Online Appointments

Appointment Scheduling

You or your staff can book appointments for your patients through the web or mobile app. This can be for clinic visits or online consultations.

Online Booking

Your patients can also book appointments for consultations while viewing available health provider profiles and consultation timings. They can also list the reason for their appointment and update their Personal Health Records so you are well-aware of their health condition.

View schedule

You can view the appointment schedule for the whole practice or selectively for specific health providers in a calendar or list view

Update Status

Your staff and patients can confirm, cancel or reschedule appointments. This will be alerted to you and the status can be viewed in different colours in your appointment calendar


You and your patients receive SMS/Email/Push Notification reminders about upcoming appointments to ensure better time management and prevent no-shows

View patient profiles

Patient profiles, including their medical history and health conditions can be viewed with a simple search to review their health records prior to the appointment.

Consultation Notes, Prescriptions and Billing

Record Consultations

Create and share consultation notes based on the patient's health condition. Subscribe them to a monitoring plan, define goals and also book a follow-up appointment during clinic consultations


Create or modify medications and send e-prescriptions, along with consultation notes to your patients on your clinic letter-head.


Consultation notes can also include invoices and bills for clinic consultations and services which patients can pay online. Bills and invoices are emailed with your clinic branding and logo on the letter-head.

Improve adherence

Email consultation notes with prescriptions and appointment reminders to help patients manage their health at home.

Patient Notifications made easy

Patient categorization

For easy access, you can categorize patients on your Virtual Practice based on health condition or treatment program. This allows you to communicate with specific groups of your patients.


Your practice can send email or SMS notifications to all patients, a select few or specific categories of patients. Let them know about a new blog posted, a new clinic services, events etc. that may be relevant to them.

Mobile notifications

You can also send push notifications to your registered patients who use the ContinuousCare app or your custom patient app to engage with your Virtual Practice

Branded Patient Portal

Custom domain

Your Virtual Practice includes a web patient portal for patients to register and engage with your practice, simplifying patient onboarding and engagement. Make this available at a custom domain of your choice (e.g.

Easy Customization

Share information about your health practice, staff, services, referral programs; add logos, banner images, pictures, videos and patient testimonials to give visitors all the information they need on your customized portal.

Health blog

Post helpful health tips and articles for patients that may be relevant to their health management. Go the extra mile to show you care and improve patient satisfaction.

Track revenue generated with Reports


Define costs for all clinic services, on your Virtual Practice. This allows you to quickly generate invoices after consultations.


Review revenue reports for all your Virtual Practice services, all payments received from patients and identify the various services that are generating income for your practice.

Other benefits

Time Saving

Saves time for both you and your patients

Save Cost

Saves costs


Regular Virtual Follow-ups

Source of revenue

Additional source of revenue

Practice Management Software Simplified

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