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Why do you need a telemedicine solution?

The problem

Most health providers can attest to one or more of the following issues when it comes to patient engagement and care.

The Problem
  • Poor treatment compliance and medical adherance
  • Failing follow-up attendance and care after initial visit
  • Physically infirm patients face difficulties in direct consultations
  • Unable to reach out to larger number of patients
  • Poor patient outcomes or satisfaction due to lack of continuity in care
  • Poor social communication channels

But what if you could find a solution that can address all of these concerns, without compromising on the quality of care, while saving you time and money?

A Safe and Secure Telemedicine Solution

Telemedicine on the Virtual Practice addresses all of the key problem areas of accessibility, cost and quality of care.

  • Increase Practice Revenues

    Telemedicine creates a new revenue stream for your medical practice. Our payment gateway integration makes it easy to collect patient payments.

  • Managing time effectively

    Flexibility to define time slot durations, available hours and working days for Video Consultations on your Virtual Practice.

  • Better health outcomes

    Our telemedicine solution helps you stay connected with your patients across visits, ensuring increase in patient satisfaction.

  • Accessibility to patient information

    With Personal Health Records (PHR), telehealth sessions on the Virtual Practice equip you to make more informed decisions about your patients' care.

  • Telemedicine Simplified

    A telemedicine solution that is easy to set up and use, by both providers and patients.

  • Custom Telemedicine Mobile Apps

    Get your own iOS,Android Telemedicine apps in the appstores. Branded for your practice and maintained by us.

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Features of the Virtual Practice

Custom branded patient portal

Custom branded patient portal

With a custom domain and attractive themes to personalize your practice



Automated patient notifications through SMS, emails and mobile

Personal Health Records

Personal Health Records

Comprehensive patient records accessible from anywhere, when you need it

Health Blog

Health Blog

Patient education through helpful health tips and articles on your blog

Text Consultation

Patient health questions with the option to add health reports as attachments

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

Chronic and long-term health monitoring for patients through custom plans

Clinic Consultations

Appointment scheduling and management for clinic visits

Billing & Payments

Online payments and billing for clinic and online consultations


Prescriptions which can be emailed or saved for clinic and online consultations

Home Consultations

Support for health teams to schedule and manage home visits

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Telemedicine visits made easy

Online appointments, video consultations and prescriptions, all while they recover at home

Select available appointment slots

Your patients can view available time slots you've set for telemedicine sessions and book an appointment

Update PHR & health data

Update PHR & health data

Patients can update their personal health records before the session, to help you with diagnosis

Make Payment

Payments can be made online through credit, debit cards or online banking before sessions

Make Payment

Receive session reminders

Once paid, your patients will be alerted when a session is due to start.

Access from anywhere

Your patients can consult you through the web or on their smartphone

Access from anywhere
Receive e-prescriptions & summaries

Receive e-prescriptions & summaries

They can get e-prescriptions and summaries of their video sessions via email

Get your own Telemedicine Mobile App

Your patients can now book telemedicine sessions, share health reports, pay for sessions and consult with you on your own custom branded mobile patient app.

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Session on Patient app

Made with care, for your patients


  • A great way to continue engaging with providers after their first visit
  • Convenient option for elderly patients
  • Patients can avoid travelling long distances in traffic
  • Great for working parents
  • Eliminates waiting time at clinic waiting rooms
  • Useful for patients with physical disabilities or injuries


  • Improves health outcomes more effectively, reducing healthcare costs
  • Reduce risk of hospital re-admissions
  • Limits travel time, reducing travel costs


  • Useful for patients needing post-surgical care
  • Personalized attention, with access to personal health data
  • Personalized attention, with access to personal health data

Your patients will love the convenience and simplicity

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Telemedicine solutions for large health organizations

For businesses looking for custom designed telemedicine solutions

Over 80% of health organizations plan to invest in telehealth to expand their reach.

Over 35% healthcare establishments are interested in mobile app-based telemedicine

91% of health outcomes were as good or better with telehealth monitoring

Customized Solutions For Your Telemedicine Practice

Our platform supports enterprise-level customizations of the Virtual Practice's telemedicine services to cater to your business needs.

  • Patient Satisfaction

    Provide services tailored to improve the care of your patients and increase patient referrals

  • Integrated services

    Integrated support with Personal Health Records, Appointment Scheduling, Remote Care Plans and Payments.

  • Staff efficiency

    A user-friendly interface that reduces overheads and efficiently manages your staff schedule

  • Custom branding

    A cost-effective custom branded telehealth solution that your organization can provide to patients

  • Mobile applications

    Get custom branded provider and patient mobile applications to increase accessibility to your telemedicine service

Enterprise Solution

Telemedicine sessions on your own patient app

Your patients can now book telemedicine sessions, share health reports, pay for sessions and consult with you on your own custom branded mobile patient app.

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Session on Patient app

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We save you the time and effort of developing a telemedicine solution.

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Simple and Secure Telemedicine

Branded Telemedicine Apps for iOS, Android and Web

A telehealth solution to improve Patient Outcomes and drive your medical practice revenues

Schedule telemedicine sessions based on your convenience

Plan your schedule

Set suitable appointment slots for Video Consultations, to balance your clinic schedule with telehealth sessions.

Define time slots

Choose how long you would like your telemedicine sessions to go on. Define a suitable time slot to better assess your patients

Manage your time

Confirm, cancel or re-schedule telemedicine appointments to suit your availability so that your time is managed effectively

Reduce No-Shows

Limit no-shows with telemedicine appointments confirmations and reminders about upcoming telemedicine sessions.

Collect payments for your telemedicine session online

Define pricing

You have the flexibility to price and charge patients (or keep it free) for telemedicine session as your see fit.

Online payments

Upfront payments for your telehealth sessions before the session is due to start, to confirm participation.

Online billing

Generate bills for Video Consultations on your Virtual Practice to keep track of revenue generated for telemedicine services

Access patient health records during video sessions to help with diagnosis

Effective diagnosis

Access to patient Personal Health Records and health trackers is available during telemedicine sessions, helping you diagnose and treat patients effectively

Direct interaction

Whether on your desktop or mobile phone, Video Consultations help you interact with patients just as you would at your clinic

Audio mode

Connectivity issues do not need to affect your interaction. Switch to an audio-only mode to resume sessions interrupted by poor connectivity

Manage from anywhere

Your telemedicine appointments and sessions can be managed from anywhere, on the web ormobile app.

Interested in a custom branded app for telemedicine?

Share post-session summaries with patients to improve adherence

Consultation Notes

Create notes about your telemedicine sessions with patients to include goals, medications prescribed, invoices, follow up appointments or care plans you may have discussed.


Online prescriptions for telemedicine sessions which can be sent to patients or printed on your clinic letter-head

Consultation summary

Share a summary via email with patients, including key aspects discussed during your session, for better medication adherence

Follow up with patients on their progress


Patients can book follow-up appointments to their clinic visits or online consultations and consult with your via Video Consultations


Book follow-up telemedicine sessions for patients who may not be able to visit you at your clinic

Text consultations

Your patients also have the option of following up with you through text-based consultations on the web or mobile app.

Other benefits

Time Saving

Saves time for both you and your patients

Save Cost

Saves costs


Regular virtual follow-ups

Source of revenue

Additional source of revenue

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