While an individual healthcare provider can set up and monitor patients using Remote Monitoring plans in the Virtual Practice, sometimes monitoring a patient requires the perspective of different members or a team of healthcare providers.

For example, a diabetes patient would benefit from having his endocrinologist, nurse and dietitian all observe his health readings over time. Or a group of specialists working in different locations might need to monitor a patient with multiple health conditions.

Such teams of healthcare providers who need to monitor patients, can be easily set up in the Virtual Practice. Go to “Settings > Staff User Settings > Monitoring Teams > Add Team”.

  1. You would need to provide a name for the team.
  2. Add the different team members and assign them monitoring roles depending on the level of responsibility they will assume in the monitoring of patients.
  3. You can assign new monitoring plans to the teams you have created, in the future
Add staff members or other health specialists to monitoring teams to help provide more perspective on the patient’s health