After signing up, here are a few things you can do to get your Virtual Practice up and running for your healthcare practice and patients.

Set up your patient portal

Your Virtual Practice comes with a web patient portal, which is like a website that offers a wide variety of health-oriented services like appointment booking, consultations, electronic health records, health monitoring and video consultations.

Ways to customize your patient portal is available here

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Set up services for your Virtual Practice

Support online health consultation for your own patients you will be able to manage your practice by setting up the below services and accept payments online for these services. It’s a simple process that doesn’t require much of your time. Follow the guidelines below to get it up and running within minutes!

Set up payments for online consultations
Setting up payment settings
 would allow you to charge for clinic consultations, video consultations, text consultations as well as remote monitoring services. This can be done in the Virtual Practice settings.

Payment Settings
Payment Settings in mobile

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Managing your Patients and Patient encounter

The Virtual Practice has been designed to allow health providers to engage and communicate with their patients and manage their practice effectively.

Health Providers can use the Virtual Practice for the following features:

Get the Virtual Practice Mobile App

Managing your Virtual Practice is possible on-the-go once you’ve defined all your key settings and features. The app is free to download for both Android and iOS devices.

Mobile Settings

Tell Your Patients About Your Virtual Practice

Once you’ve set up all the key features of your Virtual Practice, you can start letting your patients know about it so that they may connect with you.