I would like to have a custom-branded patient mobile app. How do I proceed?

If provisioned in your chosen plan, the custom-branded patient mobile app will be available as an add-on option priced at $99*12=$1188/year i.e., for Android phones at $1008 and iOS phones at $180, with an annual payment option. You can also choose the custom-branded patient mobile app for Android phones only at $1008, paid annually. Contact us for more information.

Are the patient and provider mobile apps available in all plans?

Yes, the free generic mobile applications (ContinuousCare Patient mobile application and the Virtual Practice Provider mobile application) are available in all plans, on both Android and iOS. The white-labelled versions of these mobile apps are available as add-ons in certain plans.

What are the phone OS requirement for the app usage?

Click here to see compatible phone OS for Androids and iOS mobile app usage. 

Are the custom mobile apps published to my app store account?

Yes, the custom mobile apps are published in your company’s Google and Apple app store accounts. We maintain the app on your behalf and publish frequent app updates.

Will the ContinuousCare brand be visible on the custom mobile app?

No, the apps will use your company branding and logo and will be published under your app store accounts.

Can I change the design of the custom mobile app?

The logo and theme of the app are customized in accordance to your brand. However, the features cannot be modified. We are, however, constantly adding new features, so it is likely that most of your requirements will be met by the solution.

How will my patients find my custom app? How can I promote the telemedicine application to my patients?

The apps will be published in your company app store accounts. Patients searching directly in the app store can find your app. Additionally, the apps are linked to your patient portal and links are included in outgoing communcation.
You can, of course, share the links through all your other online properties including social media accounts, website and also through other online/offline communication channels including email, sms, newsletters, QR codes, physical printouts etc.

What is the setup time of the custom-branded mobile app?

Setting up custom-branded mobile applications may take about 2-3 weeks after receiving the requested input details and also, depending on approvals from the app stores.