Patients always have questions about their health conditions, medical treatments, symptoms, medication side effects and many other issues. Rather than having patients interrupt you at inconvenient timings with questions over phone calls, emails and now even social media, you can now use Patient Questions on the Virtual Practice, to manage this better.

The Virtual Practice also supports access to the patient’s health data and previous consultation notes (if any) while answering a question, so that you can provide a more informed and helpful response. Such question-based consultations are completely private. Virtual Practice acts as a convenient way for patients to seek a follow-up consultation or second opinion.

The Patient Questions feature comes with a great deal of flexibility for a healthcare provider to provide this support to patients on their own terms. It is also a great way to ensure your time is managed effectively.

  • Provide an easy-to-use interface for patients to send you their questions (along with any attachments).
  • Set consultation charges for answering such questions.
  • Set the response time that patients can expect for receiving answers, according to your convenience
  • Accept payments online from patients for such question-based consultations
  • As a health provider, you can also decide whether patients can send you a follow-up note after you provide a response.