What are the additional charges for SMS usage?

SMS sending costs apply for all SMS messages sent from your Virtual Practice, including automated event alerts and also custom messages. The cost of an SMS message depends on the location of the recipient. It is important to note that 1 SMS = 160 characters. So when sending custom SMS messages, if the message is, say 300 characters long, then it shall be considered as 2 SMS messages, by the SMS services.

Overall SMS sending costs will be invoiced at the end of every month, if applicable. We also support independant SMS accounts in the Enterprise plans. You can opt to turn off certain notifications in your Virtual Practice. Contact us should you have any questions.

Which SMS gateways do you integrate with? How do I set it up?

We currently support Valuefirst (default SMS gateway) and Twilio. To set up an SMS gateway for your Virtual Practice account, click here.

Can you integrate with a local SMS gateway?

We currently support two SMS gateways which provide global delivery. For more information on supported SMS gateways, click here