With the Virtual Practice, you can do away with maintaining paper-based patient health records and instead store them online. This makes it easier to access and review when required. Health data saved in your Virtual Practice can be stored under individual patient profiles.

Basic patient profile

The patient profile section displays complete patient details, of their past health conditions, medical history and current health conditions. This section can be edited at any time, by you or the patient. The basic patient profile includes sections would contain administrative patient details like their contact information, patient ID, insurance details and emergency contact information.

This is also where you can assign a monitoring plan to the patient.

Web and mobile view of Basic patient profile

Consultations logs

This section displays all details of all previous consultations with that individual patient, including date of consultation, review notes, prescriptions, remote monitoring subsciptions and even any upcoming appointments that were planned during the previous consultation

Web and mobile view of Consultation Log

You can add a new consultation log for a patient during a clinic visit from this section.

Web and mobile view of Consultation Log


Medications prescribed to the patient with dosage and time period to take the medicine can be updated here. A previous record of all prescriptions that you have issued to the patient can also be viewed here.

Web and mobile view of medication


The payments made by the patient for your online services will be listed under this section of the patient’s profile. This shows details of service name, invoice number and details, bill date, total cost and the payment status.

 You would first need to set up billing services before you can start to issuing invoices to your patients. Web and mobile view of patient billing