In order to ensure smooth functioning of your Virtual Practice, make sure you are using compatible browser and OS versions for uninterrupted care to your patients.

Virtual Practice App for Computers and phones

It is important to understand that the web version of the Virtual Practice supports all the features and the mobile app supports essential features when you’re on the move.


Stay connected with your patients by signing-in to your Virtual Practice Manager from the web on your desktop. Just make sure you’re using one these supported browsers:
Browser Technical requirements
Chrome v56 and above
Firefox V.52 and above
Safari V 10.0 and above
Internet Explorer Edge on Windows 10
Opera 40 and above

Note: * While you and your team can access the Virtual Practice web version on your phones’ browsers as well, it is meant to be used on the desktop.

* Also though your patients can access the web Patient Portal of your Virtual Practice from their phone browsers, it is recommended that they use it from a desktop browser. We are in the process of making the patient portal more mobile screen friendly.

Mobile apps

Operating system Technical requirements
iOS iOS 9 & above
Android Jelly Bean (4.2) & above

Note: Currently the Virtual Practice mobile app is not fully compatible for all services on tablets and iPad