Can my patients pay online?

Yes. When patients pay for services (e.g. video consultations, text consultations, remote monitoring programs, in-person appointments) you offer, they can pay you online either via the web browser or through the patient mobile apps. To collect the payments from patients, you need to have an account with a payment gateway that works in your country and one that is supported by the ContinuousCare platform. This needs to be configured with your Virtual Practice account (you just need to set a few fields) and the rest works out of the box.

Which payment gateways are currently supported?

You can find more information about supported payment gateways here.

How can I get a payment gateway account for my medical practice?

You can find a list of payment gateways that are supported by the ContinuousCare platform here. You can choose a suitable payment gateway that works in your country and contact them to get an account. Depending on the payment gateway, this can be done completely online or it might require you to engage with them. Check your chosen payment gateway to understand the process.

How can I setup my payment gateway account in the Virtual Practice?

It is quite simple: Choose your payment gateway, fill out your details and click save. Learn more.

Are patient payments remitted to my bank account? Do you charge a commission on patient payments for services?

All patient payments are processed by the payment gateway that you have integrated. The ContinuousCare platform does not save any patient card details. ContinuousCare does not charge any percentage of the patient payments. It is, however, likely that the payment gateway might charge a percentage of the payments collected. You will need to check the terms of service of the payment gateway you have chosen.

How can I integrate a new payment gateway?

We can undertake new payment gateway integrations, if the existing payment gateways does not meet your business requirement. You can make a request at

Can I use multiple payment gateways at the same time?

Currently, we allow only one payment gateway per Virtual Practice account.

What payment types are supported? Credit Card, Debit Card, Wallet, NetBanking?

Most payment gateways will allow different payment instruments – credit cards, debit cards, wallets, USSD, UPI etc. Please check with the support team of the chosen payment gateway to understand the details.