You can create medical prescriptions for patients consulting with you online or at your clinic. Prescriptions can be saved, emailed to patients or even printed on your clinic’s letterhead.

You can create a prescription for a patient from their Health Profile page, under the section titled Prescriptions.

Add new Medication

For each medication added to the prescription, you can specify:

  • Dosage – strength and dosage quantity
  • When to take medication – method, timing and frequency
  • Duration – start and end dates
  • How to take the medication
  • Any warnings about side effects that could be expected
Add new medication form
Add new medication form
Prescribe medication

Once completed, the prescription can be generated for your patient. The prescribed medications will appear in the Prescription section of the patient’s PHR. The generated prescription can be accessed by the patient by logging in to the Virtual Practice.


Generating prescriptions at your clinic

To create a prescription for a patient during a clinic consultation, use the Consultation Log button against the patient profile and fill in the prescription section to send it as a consultation summary to the patient. This will be emailed to the patient.

Log consultation form
Log consultation form