You can add staff members to your healthcare team in the Virtual Practice team, should you choose to. Staff users who are added to the Virtual Practice can be assigned, to monitor patient health trackers within remote monitoring plans, to reply to patient questions and to attend to specific clinic and video consultations with patients.

The details of your staff users can be viewed by patients from the patient portal website, and patients can then choose to consult with them via the patient portal.

You can add a staff user to your Virtual Practice from the Staff User settings of the Virtual Practice settings page. Click on the ‘Add Staff’ button provided and you can enter the details of the staff user in the form that follows.

Enter the email address and phone number of the staff user, which can used by the staff member to verify, through an email or SMS notification which will be sent to them on adding them successfully. Choose the title and enter the name of the staff user.

You can set the level of access for the staff user, to view patient PHR and to configure consultation service features in your Virtual Practice, by choosing between the ‘Admin’ and ‘Healthcare Provider’ roles.

Set a profile picture for the staff user by uploading an image, and also assign the staff user to a particular department. This will help patients to look for a particular staff members within a particular department.

The list of all the staff users added to your Virtual Practice, can be viewed from the Staff User settings page.