Now if you have a RazorPay account, you can set it up in your Virtual Practice in a matter of minutes and be ready to accept payments directly from your patients. Patients can pay you for services using credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and other payment methods.

Follow the steps below to integrate your RazorPay account into your Virtual Practice.

Step 1: Get Your ID keys from your RazorPay Account

To integrate the RazorPay account into your Virtual Practice, you will need a “Key ID” and also a “Secret Key ID” generated from your payment gateway account.

1. Log in to your RazorPay account at, using your login credentials and then navigate to the Settings option.

Note: To receive payments from patients, make sure you have switched from ‘Test‘ to ‘Live‘ mode. You will have to generate API keys in the ‘Live‘ mode.

You can switch to the Live mode using the drop-down option at the top of the Dashboard.

2. Next, click on the “API Keys” tab as shown below. Here you can view the Key ID that is required to be integrated in your RazorPay account.

3. Click on “Generate Key” this would generate a secret key ID and can be downloaded as a .CSV file which you could keep for future reference.


4. Also, ensure that your business website details ( for e.g., have been added in My Account → Profile → Business Website/App details to receive payments.

Step 2: Setup your Virtual Practice Payment Service to user your RazorPay account

Next, log into your Virtual Practice using the Primary User Account and go to the Payment Settings screen (under Settings menu option).

Under the Payment Service Settings, choose RazorPay as your Payment Gateway.
This will bring up the configuration fields needed for integrating your RazorPay account. Paste the Key ID and Secret Key ID (copied from your RazorPay account in “Step 1” into the respective fields. Verify the entered values and click Save.
Note: While pasting the keys, ensure that inadvertent spaces are not introduced within the keys, as this would deter proper payment functions. 

Step 3: Update your RazorPay account to communicate with your Virtual Practice

To ensure that the correct status of your payment transactions are correctly communicated by RazorPay back to your Virtual Practice, please copy the WebHook URL  given under the Razor Pay Configuration Settings section of your Virtual Practice Manager and paste it into the WebHook URL setting field in your RazorPay payment gateway account.

See the screenshot below on how to link the WebHook URL to your RazorPay account