Video Consultations are online video sessions that you can have with your patients to conduct consultations, to improve patient outcomes, drive your medical practice revenues, enhance effective diagnosis, manage the session from anywhere, initiate regular virtual follow-ups and reduce no-shows.

Either patients can book a video consultation session with you or your team, or you can set an appointment for them, from the Virtual Practice Manager. You can also configure the Video Consultation session from the Virtual Practice Manager.

You can decide to provide the Video Consultation feature to your patients, via the patient portal, by turning on or off the service from the Video Consultation settings, which is available from the Virtual Practice settings page. You can specify consultation timings as to during which day and time of a week video consultation sessions can be held.

Optionally, you can also set a service charge, with an addition of a tax, which patients are required to pay in order to book a video consultation with you or your team. Set the duration of the video consultation session, for which the service charge is implied. Also provide specific notes to patients, informing them about details that they should consider while booking a video appointment.

Minimum requirements

Please note the following requirements that need to be met, to ensure a flawless and uniterrupted video consultation session with your patients.

  • Good Internet Connection with minimum speed of 500 kbps
  • A properly functioning webcam & microphone if you are conducting the video session using your laptop / PC
  • A private & quiet environment when patient / caretaker is present
  • Latest browser version, if accessing the video consultation using your web browser. Download the latest versions of Chrome or Firefox
For Other Devices
  • For Android tablet’s web browser, update the latest version of Chrome or Firefox. Video Consultations in iOS tablet’s web browser is currently not supported.
  • If you are using a smartphone, download the Virtual Practice app, available on Google Play (Android 4.1 or higher) or App Store (iOS 6 or higher)