Team Users can be assigned one or more roles depending on their responsibilities in providing healthcare services and/or handling administrative tasks. The available roles are of two main types, Healthcare roles and Administrative roles.

The set of roles that can be assigned to Team Users are explained below:

Healthcare Roles

  • Healthcare Provider: Only Healthcare Providers can provide healthcare services such as Video Consultations, Text Consultations and Clinic Consultations to patients. And only Healthcare Providers can fully review monitored patients under Remote Monitoring plans. Consultation Notes and Prescriptions can only be created by Healthcare Providers. They can manage their own Appointments.  Team Users with the Healthcare Provider role generally do not have access to Billing or other Administrative features, unless they are given access to generate bills for their patients manually, which in turn, gives them access to view the generated bills under the associated patient record. They can add posts to the Health Blog. Healthcare Providers only have access to their Assigned Patients, unless they are granted permission to access all Patients. By default, Healthcare Providers can only view their own Consultation Notes; however, they can be granted access to view all Consultation Notes of his/her assigned patients, added by other Providers.
  • Nurse: Nurses can access the Patient Health Data, Consultation Notes, Prescriptions and Text Consultations of patients. They can participate in the monitoring of patients under Remote Monitoring plans. They can add Consultation Notes on behalf of a Healthcare Provider (if allowed). They can manage Patient Appointments but cannot access other Administrative functions.

Administrative Roles

Team Users with administrative roles can use features required to manage the system and operational functions. It is important to note that Team users with Admin role or lower administrative roles will not have access to Patient Health Data. Most of the administrative roles however do have access to the basic patient profile.

  • Primary Account Owner: This Team user is the primary administrator with super-admin rights to all functions of the system. Only one user can have this role in the system, at a time. This user is also considered to be the contract owner of the Virtual Practice and will be the primary business contact.
  • Practice Admin: This is the most powerful administrative role after the Primary Account Owner. Team users with the Admin role can manage other Team Users, define Services, Practice Locations and Departments. They have access to key settings related to the Patient Portal, Payments, Notifications, Frequently Prescribed Medications and Patient Administration. They also have access to Billing, Credit Management and Reports.
  • Patient Service Coordinator: Team users with the Patient Service Coordinator role are enabled in their function of coordinating patient services by managing functions like patient on-boarding, managing appointments, service billing and assignment of patients to Monitoring plans. They can also access service orders such as Prescriptions. They can view Text Consultation listings but not any associated patient identifier nor any details.
  • Finance: Team users with the Finance role can handle billing, management of payment credits and management of the system Payment Settings. They can access certain administrative reports and also the basic profiles of patient users.
  • Appointment Coordinator: Team Users with this role can manage appointments and would be able to view patient listing and basic patient profile.
  • Pharmacy Admin: Pharmacy Admins can view, print and download Prescriptions. They also have access to the main Prescriptions list view. They do not have access to view the patient list or basic profiles of patient users.
  • Lab Admin: Lab Admins can view, print and download Lab Orders. They do not have access to view the patient list or basic profiles of patient users.

Team Users can be assigned more than one role, depending on their responsibilities and access requirements. For instance, a user can be assigned both the Healthcare Provider and also say the Finance role, resulting in them being able to provide healthcare services through the system, while also having access to billing and other payment functions.

Note: At present, only team users with the Primary Account Owner, Healthcare Provider or Practice Admin role, have access to the mobile app.