How can patients register/login?

Patients can be added or they can register to your Virtual Practice in the following ways:

  1. They can self-register through the Web Patient Portal using the Sign Up button.
  2. They get registered when they interact with your service (e.g. book an appointment, video consultation, text consultation, join a Remote Patient Monitoring service).
  3. As a provider/adminstrator, you can add create an account/patient record/appointment etc for them directly. For more information on how patients can be added or register, click here.

Once a patient is registered, they can login via the web Patient Portal or the patient mobile apps available on iOS and Android.

What can patients do via the app?

Once patients register with your Virtual Practice, they can do the following:

  • Securely view their health data. They can also update their heath data and share it with you
  • View and Download Treatment Notes, E-Prescriptions, Lab Orders that you share with them
  • Book online appointments for in-person visits, video consultations
  • Subscribe and participate in patient remote monitoring programs
  • Make online payments directly to you for your services
  • Do telemedicine consultations (video consultations, text consultations and remote patient monitoring)
  • Update and share their health journals. And a lot more.

Are other languages supported in the Patient Portal?

We currently support English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese in the patient interfaces (Web Patient Portal and custom-branded Patient mobile app) of the Virtual Practice. Please contact us to activate your preferred language in your Virtual Practice.

Once the language is enabled, the language that patients view would depend on their locale setting. They can also opt to specifically view the interface in either language. Language selection can be done on the outer pages of the web patient portal (pre-login) or after logging in to the web patient portal.

I want to use my own domain instead of a subdomain. Is that possible?

Yes, we do support mapping of a custom domain to the patient portal website. So you can use your own domain e.g. instead of Once you have taken up a paid subscription, contact our support team and we will guide you through the process. For more information on using your own domain to your Virtual Practice, click here.

I have my own website. Can I integrate the Patient Portal with it?

Yes, you can. The ContinuousCare platform gives you:

  1. A website which you can use for marketing your services
  2. A secure patient portal where patients need to login, before they can access the patient portal.

Many customers have an existing website and do not require a duplicate website. They usually want to disable the website provided by the ContinuousCare platform and plugin the patient portal into their existing website. We support this and allow the ContinuousCare website to be disabled. You can then link the registration, login functionality, appointment booking and other functionality directly into the website. For more information on mapping your website to your patient portal, click here.

Will this website be indexed on Google?

Yes, the website will be indexed on Google allowing your patients to find the website. Please note that the indexing might take a few days, depending on the Google search engine. Once you have the website and patient portal setup, we would suggest that you publish the website URL on your Facebook page and other online properties. It would also be a good idea to add this to your email templates, email signature, letter head etc., so patients can discover it easily.

Can I customize the Patient Portal website?

Yes, the website is backed by a set of easy to update forms that allows you to control all aspects of the content in just a few clicks. This makes it extremely easy to make all the changes you need without the need for an external developer. The website template is however standardized, so you will not be able to modify the design, beyond the out-of-box options that are provided. For more options on customizing your patient portal, click here.

Can I change the logo and theme?

Yes, you can change the logo, banner, text and most aspects of the website. You will also be able to change the website theme to match your brand colors. Read more.