Text Consultations, or Patient Questions, is an online healthcare service available in your Virtual Practice, using which patients can ask health-related questions to you or your team from the patient portal, to which you can provide a reply, from your Virtual Practice Manager.

You can also view the questions and reply to them, from the Virtual Practice mobile app.

Patients will be able to ask you questions from the patient portal website, or after logging into their patient account.

You can configure the Patient Questions settings from your Virtual Practice Manager by updating the following settings, from the Questions settings page:

  • Turn on / off service: You can decide to make the Patient Questions feature available to patients in the patient portal website, by turning on or off the service
  • Set expected response time: This will be the time frame that you set, within which the patient has to receive a reply to the question they had asked, by you or your team.
  • Details patient should include (optional): Specific instructions that the patient has to consider or include when asking the question to the health provider. e.g. Include specific reasons for asking the question and upload images/reports if possible
  • Additional Instructions to Patients (optional): Enter any notes related to the service, that you wish to inform your patients. e.g. Questions not related to diabetes will not be answered
  • No. of follow-up notes allowed: This is the number of follow-up notes that the patient can add, in addition to the question that was asked. This is specially useful when the health provider who answered the question is expecting a response from the patient.
  • Set service as Paid or Free: You can choose to provide this service as a paid feature or for free to patients. If set as paid, you can also set the service charge and tax for the feature, which patients will have to pay online to submit the question to your Virtual Practice.
  • Display disclaimer statement to patients: This is disclaimer sentence that is mentioned regarding the use of the patient questions during an emergency situation etc.

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