You or your staff user team can access the health records of the patients who are added in your Virtual Practice. The health records include the medical history of the patient, their current health conditions, treatments undergone, review notes added for future treatments, etc. The Virtual Practice, hence provides a comprehensive record of your patients’ health.

Patient Health Profile

The typical health profile of a patient in your Virtual Practice will consist of the following:

  • Health conditions: Contains details of any previous or current health conditions that have been diagnosed for the patient
  • Medications: Information of any medications that were previously prescribed, or is being currenlty used by the patient
  • Allergies Details of any previous or current allergies, and its possible triggers
  • Social history: Includes a professional background of the patient, their behavioural and social qualities, preferences, daily life habits etc.
  • Family medical history: Details of any health conditions that were previously, or is currently diagnosed for a relative of the patient
  • Contraindications: Information regarding any condition or factor that would serve as a reason to withhold a certain medical treatment for the patient
  • Hospitalizations: Details of any previous hospitalizations the patient had served
  • Surgery/implant: Details of any surgeries undergone or medical implant procedures done for the patient
  • Vaccinations: Information regarding any vaccinations that were taken by the patient

The health profile of the patient can be constantly updated by both the patient and the health provider, when required.

Health Trackers

Health tracker readings that have been updated by the patient or have been added as part of a remote monitoring plan subscription can be viewed by the healthcare provider from the Virtual Practice.

The details of health trackers in the patient profile consist of the following:

  • Tracker Graph: On updating the tracker readings, the graph (which can be filtered by daily/weekly/monthly) in the tracker gets automatically created, which will help you find any variations in patient health.

  • Adding new tracker reading: Patients can add new health tracker readings from the patient portal, which you can monitor and provide review feedback from the Virtual Practice. You can also add health tracker readings for your patients, from the Virtual Practice.

  • Medical Reports: Health reports and scanned documents, and their details can be updated here by you, your staff or patients. The Virtual Practice supports file formats like txt, doc, pdf, jpeg, ppt, xls and DICOM image (within 25MB).

  • Health Journal: Much like a patient’s health diary, the health journal allows you to view entries that your patients may make about their physical and mental well-being. They can choose to share these entries or keep them private. If shared, these entries can be viewed in the ‘Health Journal’ section of the patient’s health profile.