Health providers spend a lot of time supporting follow-up consultations for patients who are chronically ill or have long term health issues. Such follow-ups often require nothing more than the review of test readings and patient inputs before treatment prescriptions are made.

Follow-ups that don’t affect clinic hours

Simple follow-up consultations take up a significant chunk of a provider’s time – time that could be better spent in supporting new patients and dealing with seriously ill patients. With the Virtual Practice, follow-ups can be done online through video consultations or by answering health questions, freeing up time to meet new patients.

Chronic care delivered remotely

For chronic patients, the need to travel to their doctor’s office for simple clarifications or feedback is often inconvenient. This can be minimized with remote monitoring where their health parameters are tracked continuously and online consultations, with the provision to share health records.

Setting expectations with your patients

Many patients also take the liberty of following up with their doctor by phone/email, thus disrupting their personal time and space as well. Defining response time for questions helps set expectations with patients and allows you to maintain a healthy work-life balance. An online platform like the Virtual Practice ensures all patient communication is channeled through one platform.

Appointment booking that reduces no-shows

Many providers can attest to the fact that no-shows cost them valuable time and revenue. This can be reduced with the Virtual Practice appointment booking system that also sends automated reminders to patients to ensure they don’t miss their next clinic visit.

Helping patients save time too

No more long waits at the clinic for a simple follow-up or to get test reports reviewed. Patients can now just as easily consult, share reports and even have their chronic conditions monitored through the Virtual Practice, without having to make frequent visits to their providers.