Once your Virtual Practice is set up, let patients know about it so that they can connect and engage with you online or on their mobile using your Patient Mobile app.

Getting patients to use your web portal

Give your patients the option to connect with you online, through your Patient Portal. This way, they can connect with you for a quick consult, follow-up or health query and maybe even book their next appointment with you.

Help them find you online

The best way to let your patients know about your patient portal is to share the Patient Portal web address. Just like a business card, it will help your patients find your Virtual Practice online. Display your web address at your clinic on posters, on your business card or pamphlets.

Send notifications to your patients

Your staff can add patients to your Virtual Practice which then allows you to send bulk notifications either by email or text message to all those registered patients. This way, you can notify them of your Virtual Practice and its various services.

Encourage your patients to use it

The best way to get the most out of your Virtual Practice is to educate patients to use it. Besides letting them know of its existence, you can encourage patients to use the online application to follow-up with you or to ask you about any immediate non-critical health queries. Remote health monitoring and health trackers are also useful ways that your patients can be monitored, especially if they are elderly and suffering from chronic illnesses.

Patients can connect on the mobile too

You can also let patients know that they can engage with the services of your Virtual Practice on their mobile phones as well. This means greater ease of communication, that can be done from anywhere, at any time. Your patients can book appointments, ask questions, update their health records and even consult via video through the Patient Mobile app.