How do I integrate my Paystack business account with my Virtual Practice account? To integrate your Paystack account with your Virtual Practice account, you require the Public Key provided in your Paystack account. To obtain the key, please follow the steps shown below: 1) Log in to your Paystack account at, using your login credentials

2) From the menu, go to Settings options

3) Click on the “API Keys & Webhooks” tab. Here you can view the Public Key that is required to be integrated in your Paystack account.

4) Next, log into your Virtual Practice using the Primary User Account and go to Payment Settings screen (under Settings menu option) and choose Paystack as your Payment Gateway, under Payment Service Settings. Paste the Public Key in the respective fields, which was copied from your Paystack account, and click on Save.

  5) Update your PayStack account to communicate with your Virtual Practice. To ensure that the correct status of your payment transactions are correctly communicated by PayStack back to your Virtual Practice, please copy the WebHook URL provided on the PayStack Configuration Settings area of your Virtual Practice Manager and paste it into the WebHook URL setting field in your PayStack payment gateway account. You are now set to receive online payments from your patients, for using your Virtual Practice services, via the Paystack payment gateway. Note: To correctly receive online payments from patients via Paystack, ensure that the currency you choose to set up in your Virtual Practice is supported by Paystack as well. If you are having any issues related to the Paystack payment gateway integration, please contact us at